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Cleaning And A Few Shop Adjustments...

Monday, November 30th, 2009

After working in the shop for several days and completing a couple projects I realized I was turning into a wood pack-rat. Any piece of wood that even remotely looked useable was set aside for future use. As woodworkers we all do it because we tend to find value in even the smallest piece of wood. Perhaps we need an inlay, or thin strips for a jig or fixture, or even a pen turning blank. We all have our own rationale. For me, it seems like the minute I give them to my neighbor for kindling the next day I all-of-a-sudden have a need for what I just discarded. 

Nevertheless, it was time to clean the shop so with coffee in hand I opened the garage door and pulled over the wheel barrow. As difficult as it was the radial arm saw was quite busy cross cutting scraps that I had saved for some time yet had never been used. My neighbor received 3 wheel barrow loads of quality kindling wood for his outdoor fireplace.

While I was at it I took the opportunity to do a little rearranging of a few tools in the shop. Since space is at a premium all my power tools, sans my table saw and lathe (which is lag bolted to the concrete floor), are against the wall and mounted on casters. However, this presented a problem in a couple areas because I found myself having to climb over certain tools to reach wall mounted tools and accessories. So after moving a few things around I think I found a new setup that "should" make accessing wall-mounted tools on a day-to-day basis a tad bit easier.

Figures1-14 below are some pictures showing a few changes that have taken place and some things that have remained the same: 

shop bench   bench and wooden hand screws   chisels and bessey k-bar clamps

Figure 1                                                                 Figure 2                                                                 Figure 3


dewalt radial arm saw   dewalt storage space under stand   under bench storage

Figure 4                                                                 Figure 5                                                                 Figure 6


vintage eggbeater drills   restored rockwell lathe   porter-cable power tools

Figure 7                                                                 Figure 8                                                                 Figure 9


shop view   shop view   shop view

Figure 10                                                                Figure 11                                                                 Figure 12


shop view   delta drill press

Figure 13                                                                 Figure 14


If you have any questions or comments about this blog entry please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. Thanks and be safe when working with tools!!!




burgie picture

Robert Burgoyne, also known as "Burgie", has been doing woodworking for nearly 30 years. He started learning at an early age in his grandfather's garage and continued while working with his father in construction. The hobby has now become a business with Creative Landscape Accents. Burgie builds  high quality woodworking projects for the outdoors and also enjoys making decorative accent pieces for inside the house. While not working in his shop doing woodworking Burgie enjoys computers, restoring his old 1964 Chevy C60 2-ton dump truck and riding his Harley-Davidson Road King throughout beautiful Colorado.



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