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An Early Reminder of Winter...

Friday, September 28th, 2009


Only in Colorado can I be out getting a "farmer's tan" while riding my Harley-Davidson Road King one day and the next day wake in the morning to cold temperatures and horizontal snow squalls. Thus is life living on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. A local proverb states "If you want to see a change in the weather, then wait 5 minutes". Having lived in Colorado since 2000 I have seen examples of pretty drastic swings in the weather but more often than not the weather in Colorado is beautiful.


Nevertheless, the first signs of snow brings to mind the call for winterizing the shop. My shop has what I call "situational heating", more commonly referred to as a kerosene bullet heater.  Whenever the situation arises I go out in the shop, plug in my heater and in a matter of  minutes my shop is nice and warm.


If you live in a cold-climate region of the country and your shop may see freezing temperatures, here are a few basic things to consider for winterizing:

  • Bring all items that may freeze indoors. This includes glues, paints and other water-based finishes. 

  • I like to leave my waterstones submerged in a Tupperware container when not in use. Be sure to drain the water and let the stones dry, or bring them indoors.

  • Apply a fresh coat of paste wax or butcher's wax to all the polished cast iron tool surfaces.

  • I keep several flashlights in my garage and some are infrequently used. I check each to make sure they work properly and replace the batteries as necessary. 

  • Check all doors and windows, especially the overhead door if your shop is located in your garage, for drafts and poor weather seals. Install new seals or weather-stripping if necessary.  

  • Test your alternative heating system while the weather is still nice. I bring my kerosene heater outside and first blow off any dust accumulation. Next I take the cover off and check the fuel and air filter and clean or replace as necessary. I then take it outside on the driveway, plug it in and let it run for 5 minutes to ensure that it burns clean and without any smoke.

If you have any questions or comments about this blog entry please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. Thanks and be safe when working with tools!!!




burgie picture

Robert Burgoyne, also known as "Burgie", has been doing woodworking for nearly 30 years. He started learning at an early age in his grandfather's garage and continued while working with his father in construction. The hobby has now become a business with Creative Landscape Accents. Burgie builds  high quality woodworking projects for the outdoors and also enjoys making decorative accent pieces for inside the house. While not working in his shop doing woodworking Burgie enjoys computers, restoring his old 1964 Chevy C60 2-ton dump truck and riding his Harley-Davidson Road King throughout beautiful Colorado.



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